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Create, learn and achieve things together.
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Whatever you want to do next, someone else might have done it before. Learn about their shortcuts and hacks. Learn from their experiences, research and process.
Get inspired by a project. Fork it. Make it your own. Build something on top of it, and share it back to the community.
and join Fork.


Fork is a place that is dedicated to doing. A place that is passionate about „How“. A community of people who do great things, who help each other out. We all have great projects on our list. Let’s do them. Find all the informations and the right people to get things started. Build a community around projects you care about. Share your project and progress, get support from people with first hand experiences. Achieve your goals and finish your projects. Help others to make their ideas happen.

For most things we do, it is very likely that someone has done something similar before. This doesn’t mean that we should do it the same way, but we could learn from all the people that came before us. And then make it better.


The idea of Fork is to provide a platform and framework to share projects, processes and knowledge for a broad range of topics and interests. In the most simple way possible.

Let's simplify a bit: If you want to describe a project and how it was done, no matter what it is, you have always a list of steps, aka tasks. Sometimes they have to be done in a specific order sometimes not. You might argue about that list with others, but in the end it's a list. No matter if it is baking muffins or planning a backpacking trip through Nepal, buying a house or learning to develop software.
In the end all project descriptions are just a list of steps.
And then there is the secret sauce. The details to each of these steps. The description, the tips and tricks. That might be a copy of grandmas handwritten cookbook, a tutorial video from YouTube, links to scientific papers, secret locations on a map of Tokyo, a carefully curated list of items for your backpack, you name it.
Each step has some instructions and all the infos you need to make it happen.
That is what Fork provides for each project. Describe your projects with a list of steps, and share the details needed to make it happen. You can do that in a rich media text editor that allows you to add videos, audio, images, links whatever you need. Altogether it becomes your curated guide. A "making of" about all these projects you care about.

This is the point where the fun of Fork starts. Sharing these guides allows others not only to give you feedback and help you out, it also allows them to get inspired and build on top of your experiences, ideas and processes. With one click you can fork the projects of others and build on them. Remix them. Take the project of someone else as template for something new, created by you.


We all know the example of cooking recipes. Someone did an amazing chocolate muffin. Someone else wonders about if it works with blueberries as well. Someone had an amazing 48h trip to Berlin, though as everyone has it’s own preferences and interests, a local might curate the things very differently. Nevertheless there are similar patterns for planning a weekend in the city. You have to figure out the public transport system of the city. You have to plan for dinners and choosing the best location of your hotel. The structure might already be a great place to start. Someone else likes the planning of your Berlin trip and takes it as a template for a trip to New York City. She forks it, edits it, tweaks it and makes it a trip to NYC.
Fork a project and adjust the list to your needs. Make it your own and create a new one.
Each project can become a template for the next.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place, where people share how they did certain things? How they learned programming, how they found their dream home, how they learned to speak 3 languages in less than a year? How they opened their own coffeeshop, how they managed to travel for a year without losing their job? We all know this feeling of having an idea but having no clue how to get there. Sometimes we don't even know where to start.

People have done all this great stuff. Wouldn’t it be great to use their experiences, research, process, tools, hacks to start your own project? Wouldn’t it be nice while doing a certain project, to get feedback, to get support, to connect to people who are doing the same thing like you?

And by the way, Fork itself is such a project. This is the project of one guy trying to build a side-project. Just struggling to find the right way to learn programming and wondering why there is no better place to start learning, than Q&A forums and Google searches. Join us building this place. It's great to have you here. Explore some projects or start your own. Fork. Do.
and join Fork.